Hugo's Wikipedia page too short?

Perhaps some users with in-depth knowledge can add more content?

I think it’s pretty good, and I’m happy that we even have one (they tend to delete stuff they think isn’t notable enough; the first Hugo article was deleted).

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I didn’t know that!

So, I wrote that first article, so it may not have had the most neutral author :slight_smile:

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Also, Wikipedia doesn’t really follow their “notable” guidelines. I’ve seen Pages that passed their guidelines but were repeatedly deleted (and they put a nail on it, too because people kept submitting improved versions). And then there are Pages that doesn’t pass their “notable” guidelines, yet they refuse to delete. :stuck_out_tongue:

(Even the no “self-” rule isn’t really followed. It depends on who is reviewing, and the current head of category at the time.)

I checked the search results and the Hugo website pops up first. So, Wikipedia is not high up on the totem pole of selling Hugo to new users.

No, but having a Wikipedia article does wonders (I imagine) to your Google Page Rank, so just “being there” is very important.

Yes it does. I get no less than 600 visits a month from Wikipedia on one of my sites.

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