Hugodocs, what's the difference?

Another newbie question: what is the difference between Hugodocs and the documentation on

(apart from the fact that I can’t use the menus to navigate between sections on Hugodocs … and clicking “file an issue” brings me to the top of the page I’m looking at)

What is hugodocs? If you mean that was an unofficial docs site run by @rdwatters

Funny. I thought it was the upcoming docs site and not the unofficial one. I’ve been operating under a very large misconception.

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  • We have never talked about making (the domain) into any official Hugo docs site. That would not make any sense.
  • The plan is to move the content to with @budparr s new theme
  • The current Hugo docs site is
  • Having several dcos sites adds confusion and work. It is of course also very helpful to many, but for me as a support person, it is mostly work (“What docs site did you read that?”). I have talked about this before, but with not much response.

If you have further questions/objections, I suggest you take it directly with me.

That’s what I’m suggesting.