[hugoDocs] Quick Start: should we move the ZIP info to a separate page

The note below in

seems to be a source of confusion. Should I create a PR to move that to a new page or end note on the same with the complete ZIP workflow in one place?

Note for non-git users:

If you do not have git installed, you can download the archive of the latest version of this theme from: https://github.com/theNewDynamic/gohugo-theme-ananke/archive/master.zip
Extract that .zip file to get a “gohugo-theme-ananke-master” directory.
Rename that directory to “ananke”, and move it into the “themes/” directory.

At a higher level…

FAQ: Do I need to install Git to create, deploy, and maintain a website with Hugo?

Technically, no.

Practically, yes.

  1. The primary installation method documented by most (perhaps all) themes is via Git or the Hugo Modules feature.
  2. The Hugo Modules feature requires Go, and Go “gets” with Git.
  3. A Git repository is required by CI/CD hosting (Bitbucket, Cloudflare, GitHub Pages, GitLab Pages, Netlify, et. al.).
  4. The canonical “last modified” date for content is its Git committer date; using anything else is error-prone.

To your question…

I’d prefer to remove the “note for non-git users” and instead add Git installation as a prerequisite for using the Quick Start instructions.

If Git installation is an adoption barrier, perhaps that’s a good thing.

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I agree. The ZIP thing has felt, for quite a long time, like an afterthought that isn’t really supported even when there are install notes for it in a theme or module.

Also, I think the various headless CMS on top of Hugo are a better fit for those who are not development-savvy enough to install and git than ‘pure’ Hugo, and would (I hope) help manage expectations.

I’d be happy to do a PR for that, although I imagine more discussion will be wanted before merging.

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