Hugo vs Python-powered ssg-s


at the moment I have content of one non-profit org site in Grav (PHP flat-CMS) and since I’d like to move to static-site-generator (ssg) I wonder whether to move to Hugo or one Python-powered one.

For Python-powered ssg-s, rst markup seems to be better option, while it seems that in Hugo content is best served by using Markdown and Blackfriday does support some (for me) important extensions (footnotes etc.), so Hugo is on par.

There are two features present in Python ssg-s which might not be (fully) present in Hugo:

  1. local site search

  2. multi-lingual capabilities

First feature is, I believe, solvable by things like Tipue search or something similar, but I wonder about the 2nd feature…

By browsing through the issue tracker I’ve found few tickets:

* Native Multilingual support in Hugo,

* Finish the multilingual feature and

* Native and complete i18n support

Last issue is not fully related, while the 2nd one is continuation of the first one and hold the label V0.17, so I wonder if it will be ready for 0.17 and/or if there is some rough estimate about the date of release?

The current documentation has tutorial, so would like to hear about experiences of those using it to know whether the solution is good-enough while anticipating 'complete multilingual feature" ?

Another non-related feature is whether the “new block keyword” introduced in V0.16 makes using of ‘native’ Go templates more attractive option instead of alternatives like Ace & Amber?

Right now, the plan is to have multilingual in v0.17. I don’t know of any show-stoppers as this point. Not sure about a release date yet.

If you’re up for it, it would help us a lot if you could test the multilingual branch.

OK. sounds good.

I’ve set my Golang environment again (GOPATH etc.) on my Debian box and issued:

go get -v

but, that, naturally build Hugo’s master branch.

Then I forked and pulled Hugo repo, but not sure how to build it from the source after switching checking out multilingual branch?

Edit: It looks that go build is all what I need?