Hugo v0.16 released

Hugo 0.16 is our best and biggest release ever. The Hugo community has outdone itself with continued performance improvements, beautiful themes for all types of sites from project sites to documentation to blogs to portfolios, and increased stability.

This release represents over 550 contributions by over 110 contributors to the main Hugo codebase. Since last release Hugo has gained 3500 stars, 90 contributors and 23 additional themes.

This release celebrates 3 years since @spf13 wrote the first lines of Hugo. During those 3 years Hugo has accomplished some major milestones including…

10,000+ stars on GitHub
320+ contributors
90+ themes
1000s of happy websites
Many subprojects like @spf13/cobra , @spf13/viper and @spf13/afero which have experienced broad usage across the Go ecosystem.
@bep led the development of Hugo for the 3rd consecutive release with nearly half of the contributions to 0.16 in addition to his considerable contributions as lead maintainer. @anthonyfok , @DigitalCraftsman , @MooreReason all made significant contributions. A special thanks to @abourget for his considerable work on multilingual support. Due to its broad impact we wanted to spend more time testing it and it will be included in Hugo’s next release.

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Done my homework, and congrats on the release ! I will be using some new features, specially the plainify functions… (thanks @bep !)

Thanks guys for the hard work and congratulations!