Hugo v0.123.0: Not all contents of `static` are copied to `publishDir`

After upgrading to 0.123.0 I have a site where not all files from static end up in publishDir. Is this expected, is there a way to force a plain copy?

Might be related:

It’s not related.

No, this is not intended, but as I have not seen this myself, I assume there’s something “special” about your setup.

Just to be clear; what do you mean by static? The /static dir?

Yes, excatly: static. Any Ideas what to check? It’s only happening with one of my sites.

Could you somehow give me access to the source?

Yes, is’t this one:

But the setup is a bit complicated, I’m not sure if it’s sufficient for you to just run ./scripts/ before running hugo. Maybe act can help.

I will have time to look into #12072 in the evening, afterwards I’ll try to figure out this one a bit deeper.

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I found the problem, the union filesystem doesn’t seem to stack anymore:


    source = "themes/PaperMod/images/screenshot.png"
    target = "static/images/screenshot.png"

    source = "static"
    target = "static"

The above works with Hugo 0.122.0, you get a copy of static which includes also the mount of static/images/screenshot.png. In Hugo 0.123 you get something different…
Only static/images/screenshot.png end up in publishdir / images.

See GitHub - cmahnke/hugo-test at 0.123.0-static
Should I create an issue?

Now tracked as

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