Hugo.toml file in both root folder and theme folder

Hello! If I already have a hugo.toml configuration file located in the root folder of my Hugo website, is it safe to delete the hugo.toml file within the theme folder? My understanding is that until I remove it, Hugo will continue to use the hugo.toml file from the theme folder, correct? The theme folder contains a theme.toml file as well. Can I remove that as well?

This is how I created the site:

$ hugo new site website
$ cd website
$ hugo new theme mytheme

My goal is to create a custom theme. I don’t want to share the theme online. It’s just for personal use.

Theme/module configuration is merged into project configuration per these merge specs:

For example, the theme/module configuration may include params required for the theme/module to work properly, allowing you to override them in the project configuration if needed.

So, the answer to “Is it safe to delete the hugo.toml file within the theme folder?” is… it depends.

The theme.toml is not read by the hugo executable. Its sole purpose is to provide information for the Hugo Themes site.

Thank you. If I’m not going to publish the theme on Hugo themes websites, it is safe to remove the theme.toml, right?

Yes it is.