Hugo toc example

Hi, I’m a newbie to hugo, using the blackburn theme. Trying to create pages with a TableOfContents in the sidebar with section headers and a list of all pages (with links) within each section, can anyone point me to an explanation/tutorial/example for someone with no previous experience - I’ve been struggling with this for a while now without success so a full working example would be nice.

Thanks for any help

Not trying to be a smart@$$ but did you check the docs?

Specifically this section:

I think that might help get you on the right track, good luck.

Hi Ben, thanks for the quick reply, appreciate any help.
Excuse my ignorance but not clear how taxonomy connects with toc and I’m not sure how all the different directories are related where to put what how to set up a page, as an md or html file? Where does the single.html come into all this. As I said I’m a newbie
Like to have a big picture.


Do you mean ‘section’ as in ‘part of a page’ or as in ‘Hugo content folder’? In Hugo ‘section’ is a special term.

There is a TOC example in the documentation. That might give you any pointers.

Perhaps you can also show us what code you already got. That might help us understand what you’re trying to do.