Hugo site locally has no index.html in public folder yet works on Netlify

I have the same problem here. When I push to GitHub Netlify build a perfect site. But if I copy my public/ to my barebone server I see nothing. No index.html for exemple.

This is the content of my site with Minimo theme

$ ls public/
authors/  categories/  images/  page/  series/  favicon.ico  index.xml   sitemap.xml
blog/     en/          it/      ro/    tags/    favicon.png  robots.txt

Please don’t reply to very old threads. Read Requesting Help and update your post with details if you need help.


It’s difficult to say what’s going on from the output of the ls command.

We need to see the source code of your project.

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Thank you for your interest in my question.
Sorry, I haven’t read the “Requesting Help” topic until now.

My repository is here and you can see the rendering deployed by Netlify here.

I tried without success to copy public/ on our webarea on the with the following command:

rsync -av --delete-before ./public/

I used the instruction for the server that are published here on tuxfamily wiki.

I am almost 100% sure, that you have run into these issues because you have not cloned the Minimo theme locally.

Netlify uses Hugo themes as git submodules.

If you simply cloned your repo from GitHub then under /themes/minimo you will see that you have an empty folder.

Simply add the Minimo theme again as a git submodule from your computer, to get the theme’s contents locally.

Then you can publish your site and deploy it wherever you want.


You are right 100%!! :smiley:
I used the Minimo theme like a submodule
Thank you very much!


I have also changed the title of the thread, so that people who may have the same issue can find the solution.