Followed Quickstart: Pages are blank

I feel a bit stupid to be honest. Followed the quickstart to the letter. However, when i browse to localhost:1313 I get a blank page returned. Any ideas why?

Here is the file in contents folder:

date = "2015-09-04T20:10:57+01:00"
draft = true
title = "about"



This is the about page

I am starting the server with the following line:

hugo --buildDrafts --watch

I am browsing to the following page and getting a blank page back:


Blank page is almost always a symptom of a missing template. And the thing about Quick start guides like this is, they have to be followed to the letter:

$ hugo server --theme=hyde --buildDrafts

I tried exactly that command too. Have followed all instructions exactly afaik - still a blank page.

Thanks for the tip about templates. I just noticed the following error when i start the server blush - i’ll get this fixed :slight_smile:

ERROR: 2015/09/07 Unable to find static directory for theme hyde in ***path obscured***\themes\hyde\static

ok fixed - that. Now some themes are working and others are having no effect (page is not blank - but it’s totally unstyled). Will keep digging.

How did you fix that error " Unable to find static directory for theme?"