Hugo shoud recommend 1-3 The Best Theme

Hugo shoud recommend 1-3 The Best Theme for user.
now, list 100 - 300 or more theme
Which is the most commonly used theme?
For everyone, need 1 - 3 theme, then select or modify.

Who is Hugo?

How would we know that?

You have more opinions on this than most others, though there are at least two alternative Hugo theme directories that use different criteria. My recommendation: use an alternative theme directory, or create your recommended 1 - 3 themes for Hugo users. That solves everything! :slight_smile:

for example, :slight_smile:
I need a name, but god give me 100 - 300 or more name, let me select myself.
First I have a name, use name, then I know more joy name. step by step

I understand that there is a language barrier here. I am also not a native speaker of English myself.

But your latest reply really doesn’t quite make sense to me.

However let me try to make it clear. The Hugo Themes Showcase is managed by a group of volunteers and we actively welcome as many new theme submissions as possible and I am afraid that we could never possibly promote just 1-3 Hugo themes as the The Best Theme because that would be unfair to all the other theme authors who have made an effort to develop an Open Source Hugo theme for the community.

Also I am closing this topic because there is really nothing to discuss here.