'hugo server' isn't rebuilding when modifying an inlined file with readFile


I’m using readFile to inline my site css in the head. Contrary to that I expected, I noticed that ‘hugo server’ is not rebuilding the site when changing the css file.

Do you think it should work as I intuited or is this behavior expected?

Thanks! :slight_smile:

Consider running hugo server --disableFastRender.

Thanks for the suggestion. I’m seeing the same behavior with --disableFastRender.

Hugo listens to a specific set of folders. If you edit files outside of those, it will not trigger rebuild. Where is your CSS file located?

Also, you will be very pleased with the next version of Hugo.


I’m reading it from ./build/css (generated with sass). Maybe I can drop it in another directory so hugo can find it. What would be the more appropriate directory? content maybe?

I know! I’m following the project closely. You are awesome!

/static sounds more appropriate.

Yes yes, I meant static… lol