Hugo server error

Problema al ejecutar hugo server:

Error: Error building site: POSTCSS: failed to transform “css/fullstyle.css” (text/css): resource “css/css/fullstyle.css_76808a48a13813465410bfe7fecfdb06” not found in file cache

Si hay alguien que pueda ayudarme se lo agradeceria, tengo otros proyectos y me los abre genial no se porque este me da fallo.

Muchas gracias.


Hugo Pipe’s PostCSS requires the postcss-cli JavaScript package to be installed in the environment ( npm install -g postcss-cli ) along with any PostCSS plugin(s) used (e.g., npm install -g autoprefixer ).

If you are using the Hugo Snap package, PostCSS and plugin(s) need to be installed locally within your Hugo site directory, e.g., npm install postcss-cli without the -g flag.

Thank you very much jmooring!!