Hugo serve quickrebuild page mode?

Is there existing (or upcoming) functionality around facilitating localdev expedience?
thinking specifically about contexts where one is editing a single page of a moderately large blog, or manypage site…

something like

Hugo, please retain the list of the last files saved that triggered a rebuild…
if (some/all of) those same files trigger the next rebuild, then chances are VERY GOOD that you don’t need to rebuild EVERYTHING


While in serve mode:
if the last render completed < N (unit-of-time-here) ago
and if the asset(s?) that changed dont require rebuilding of other things too
(ie a js lib that’s included, or a snippit/template, or some other proto-construct/resource)

then ONLY re-render that page/asset.
The idea in my mind is SIMILAR to keeping a tcp session active for a few to see if any straggling data comes across the line before flushing context…

sort-of a post build … soft-finish threshold…
once the timer runs out, hugo would act like it normally does now on site-build-completion.

I see (at least) a few ways to facilitate a bypass mechanism, for cases where you want to trigger a full rebuild anyways

  • disable the feature
  • set the settle timer to 0, or 1s.
  • wait until the configured ‘settle timer’ runs out
  • save a file not in the ‘soft-rebuildable’ filetypes list
  • remove a ‘waitfile’
  • just restart hugo serve…

Does this already exist? If not, is this an idea that has merit? or am I missing something obvious?

It’s called fast render mode, implemented five years ago, and is enabled by default.

When you run hugo server this appears in the terminal

Running in Fast Render Mode. For full rebuilds on change: hugo server --disableFastRender

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