`hugo serve --bind` doesn't work with multilingual?

I think I might have found a bug:

In my multilingual setup, part of my config.js includes "canonifyURLs": "true". This is needed to make both EN and ES sites to work.

Current setup:

"baseurl" : "https://site.com/",
"publishdir": "build",
"languageCode" : "en-us",
"contentDir" : "content",
"canonifyURLs": "true",
"defaultContentLanguage" : "en",
"title" : "Site",
"permalinks" : {
"params" : {   
"languages": {
    "en": {
        "baseurl" : "https://site.com/",
        "languageCode" : "en-us",
        "weight" : 1
    "es": {
        "baseurl" : "https://site.com/es",
        "languageCode": "es-ES",
        "weight": 2
"staticDir": [

However, when I want to preview the sites on another device, hugo serve --bind=" " doesn’t build any CSS. Removing "canonifyURLs": "true" did allow the site to build properly for EN site, but breaks ES site.

I do use hugo serve --bind=" " a lot for testing, so this would have a big impact on my work once we update our whole site to include multiple languages in the near future.


Please read Requesting Help and share your code base to assist others in reproducing the bug.