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Hello everybody

I have my website running since a month ago with Hugo but there’s no way any of the content it has can be found in the Internet.
There’s a way I can notify search engines my website exist?
I know there are some “Tip and Tricks” regarding SEO ( I have not tried it yet)

I’m literally new to Hugo and I would like someone to help me to get out of my ignorance.


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First of all, you should know it relates to meta data in your pages. You can check from source code of your pages.

You know, Hugo uses layouts to generate pages. In generation, it puts the data in your content into pages.

In head.html file, there is a line like this:

<meta name="keywords" content="{{ range $index, $element := .Keywords }}{{ if gt $index 0 }},{{ end }}{{ . }}{{ else }}{{ .Site.Params.defaultKeywords }}{{ end }}">

If you put “keywords” in your post file, hugo uses it in post pages. Otherwise it uses the “defaultKeywords” param in main config file.

So, put keywords into each post like this:
keywords = ["Static WebSite Engine","Hugo","GoHugo","SEO"]

and fill the site param in your main config file like this:
defaultKeywords = “software,books,software craftsmanship,erkan erol,blog”

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