Hugo Pipes React and/or Vue support?

Looked around to see if this has been discussed, but unable to find anything. Has support for React and/or Vue with the new pipes feature been a consideration or would this exceed the scope of the pipes? I now use a webpack setup to parse the Vue components generated css. It would be great if my workflow can be further simplified.

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Rails and it’s “famous” asset pipeline existed after Ajax was discovered in MSIE and before Airbnb created the first isomorphic Node app. And as Node developers continue chasing after the “Holy Grail” they’ll ultimately fall behind just as Rails did in the face of ever-new, always shiny tech. It’ll be creative engineers, like you, who strive for minimalism that end up going the furthest with the least amount of code. Just don’t get pinned as a “framework developer” it’ll ruin a career. Stay curious and please build us that pipeline.

Thanks for the response. I was just asking to see if something like this is already in the pipeline. I am not a developer of ‘fundamental’ web stuff, am just occasionally want to make a website for personal use. I agree on the Holy Grail chasing efforts of the node crew, trying to build a simple website I ended up with tens of thousands of node modules…