Questions on relationship between Hugo Pipes and module bundlers (Webpack, Gulp, ...)


Please note that my knowledge on frontend development is very shallow.

I’m using Hugo Pipes on v0.54.0, and grew curious on whether I can use module bundlers such as Webpack or Gulp along with Hugo Pipes.

Does using Hugo Pipes mean I have to exclude the use of bundlers, or not?


I’m using both Gulp and Hugo Pipes.

But it depends on what you want to do before deploying your site.

they are not mutually exclusive but if you are going to use grunt, gulp, webpack etc you are changing the build process entirely, so you may as well drop Hugo Pipes. Hugo Pipes handles the scss and js minification, source maps and live reload. I’ve found this is 90% of what I need on many sites. It’s tempting to add the extra layer of tooling for some extra tricks, maybe image processing or css prefixing etc but I find maintaining all of that quickly becomes a burden that isn’t matched by the value it adds.

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@martignoni, @JugglerX:
Many thanks for your explanation.