Hugo Open Collective

This week on Twitter:

Tell them about all the money.

— Bjørn Erik Pedersen (@bepsays) September 30, 2019

I would support an @opencollect for @GoHugoIO

— Brian MacKinney (@brianmackinney) September 30, 2019

Would you support an opencollective fund for Hugo?

  • Yes
  • No

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Results will display when the poll closes 10/13.


I voted no. I support voting transparency.

What are your feelings on the matter?

  • I support voting transparency
  • I support voting opaqueness
  • ¯_(ツ)_/¯

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This is my first discourse poll. I support transparency, after closing. Hopefully it displays who voted which way when it’s done. If I was to do it again, I’d probably just post a question to ask what people think first, instead of using the polling feature right away.

Didn’t know about Open Collective until now. Looks very interesting and a good way to support Hugo. Does anybody see any issues?

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I voted ‘Yes’, like many with me. :slight_smile:

But now what? Are there action steps? Or was this just a “I’m bored let’s open a poll”-thread? :wink:

You assumed irony in that Tweet :slight_smile:

Are there any comparable projects on Open Collective that show real promise?

I did assume irony :wink:
Jekyll is most similar.

It wasn’t just due to boredom. I think this project has delivered a lot of value to a lot of people, who like me, are willing to pay if they had a way to do so. I think next steps are for @bep to create a collective on behalf of the project, using the Open Source Collective Fiscal Host.
Then the community would discuss how it will be governed. I’d be happy to create a Github issue to keep track of the decisions that can be made.

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Hugo competitors that also use Open Collective:

Projects related to website development:

Go development tools that Hugo contributors know:


  1. I’ve collected these from the first ~15 pages listed here. There are also 15 pages with projects that don’t have a single supporter. I excluded those projects from the list above.
  2. The USD amount mentioned is the total budget based on the past 12 months, as reported by open collective on each project’s page (but included here for convenience).

I’ll leave it to others to decide if the projects listed above show enough promise.


I’m happy to see the sponsor button at the top of the project at github, and proud to sponsor @bep.
GitHub will match your contribution. Thanks again Bjørn Erik.