Hugo new content multi lingual language

If my default content language is english with config:

defaultContentLanguage = "en"
  weight = 0
  languageName = "English"
  contentDir = "content/en" 
  weight = 1
  languageName = "日本語"
  contentDir = "content/ja"

then the command:

hugo new ja/posts/

will generate a new post in



hugo new content/ja/posts/

will generate a new post in


Expected output for me is in:


it would be nice if at least one of these two commands would give the result I am expecting.
(I am aware that if I specify the full path to the content it will give the expected output.)

I’m having trouble understanding the logic myself. no is my default language.

hugo new en/ creates a new file in
content/no/en/, instead of the expected

Trying hugo new content/en/ resulted in
Error: open / permission denied

But hugo new ./content/en/ worked:
content/en/ created

i leave this here

this issue is still unfixed