How to create content for multiple languages with `hugo new` command?

I would like to use hugo new to create content because it could generate date in the format I want. However, I don’t really know how to set language for the generated post as I wish. See image below:

command couldn't create a proper language content

The languages format of my site is in dir structure, which is content/language-code/section/ Is there a way to archive this?

It does not appear that Hugo is able to do that. You will need to run the command once per language. If thought over properly this might be a great feature request for the hugo new command.

Thanks, I’ve opened an issue. It is about proposal request and idea. Maybe you could pass by and share some thoughts (about how it should work)

I answered that issue before I read your reply… a good place to add some thoughts about the way hugo new works in general, not only translations I think.

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