Hugo --minify issue - Is this correct behaviour?

When I use --minify with hugo, it seems to be stripping out enclosed quotes on meta tags. But only on some. I have disabled --minify and the problem fixes itself, and all quotemarks are there.

For example rel=“next” is rel=next when using --minify

Is this valid behaviour?

I see the same is also happening on view-source: (look at the top couple of lines) but every example around the web uses the quotes. My seo audit tools are flagging it up.

Anyone know if this is correct behaviour?

Attribute quotes are optional in HTML5.

See the following discussion:

Also a casual Google Search returns various articles about the need to keep using quotes.

Personally since unquoted attributes work fine I don’t have a problem with the stripped quotes from meta tags.

However if you feel that a flag is needed to keep these, then you need to open an issue upstream: