Hugo maps. Single square brackets vs Double square brackets

I thought I understood about maps but I need some more reading.

What is the difference between the two code snippets below:

  var = "var"
    var1 = "var1"
    var2 = "var2"


      var = "var"
        var1 = "var1"
        var2 = "var2"

What is the correct way and how do I access the vars in template? What is the double square bracket?

I try to understand Menus and Multilingual.

I have to say I really like hugo.

That’s TOML syntax. See

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Yes now I get it.

So it is an array of maps.

Thank you very much.

I have a question. Were is this in the official documentation? I hope it is not too late.

It is in the documentation for TOML, which is linked to above.

Please do not ressurect years-old topics.