Hugo is not finding files in one of my sections

For some reason hugo is not finding the files for one of my sections (content/til). When I run hugo serve --debug neither of the til posts are listed. When I created a test site with the quickstart guide using the ananke theme everything is detected but I would like to use my own layouts.

$ hugo env
hugo v0.105.0+extended darwin/amd64 BuildDate=unknown

I have no idea what changed but my test example has now started displaying.

Okay. I think I figured out the issue. At first my test post had a draft: true in the frontmatter and the other one did not have a draft value. Eventually I added a draft value but it was not the last entry in the frontmatter? Now that both posts have draft: false in the frontmatter as the last entry they are both displaying correctly.

Testing a bit more and now that both posts have been detected it doesn’t matter where the draft is in the front matter it works correctly.

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