Hugo for a private journal: calendar format and grouping per week and month


I am using Hugo for a private journal: daily entries, pagination, previous and next day, search, …

I wonder if it would be possible to display the daily entries in a calendar format instead of a list. Current month, table format, days of the week as header (columns), weeks of the month as rows, each day for which there is an entry is displayed in bold, with a button to go to the next or previous month. Does Hugo provide a way for doing this? A workaround might be to list all the days for which there are entries in a JSON file (Hugo can do that) and then either use a javascript library or create custom javascript to display it as a calendar. Can you recommend a Javascript library or framework because I don’t like programming in JS?

The next thing I would like to do is instead of reading my journal day per day, is to organize it per week and per month. My knowledge of python is good enough to read the daily entries and store the contents in weekly and monthly pages. Are there alternatives?

Thanks for your time,