Hugo Documentation Updates

Periodically a Forum topic is generated which seems like it could add great value to Hugo’s formal documentation.

Is there a process to request that the topic be considered for document inclusion?

Could one submit a request to link the Topic (frozen) be included in the documentation?

Recent case in point:

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Good idea but someone has to make it. @bep: Is someone already assigned to doc enhancements like that? If no I’d volunteer…

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I think it’s a good idea if it’s somehow clear it’s not part of the documentation. A dedicated shortcode for this would be good, e.g. “This Hugo Forum thread has more insights about this topic …” Pull requests welcome.

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How could the following be linked/added to the Hugo Documentation?

The Author @Cerrone expresses the need and offers a summary recap.

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(Presuming this question is about process.)

You collate the knowledge in the topic, compare it to existing docs and see if it belong there. If so, update that doc. If it seems like it deserves its own page, open a ticket on the docs repo asking for help on where to include it, and then write the doc and add it to the repo.

I was actually asking how a link could be added to the Hugo Documentation pointing to the forum topic for additional information. In a manner consistent with @BEP’s comment.

I think we should reopen and spec a shortcode / UX which allow sharing of a link and some context.

Also there might be several links per doc page, so this should not be too big a box.

If all agree we should continue this conversation on github.

This all sounds like “saddling the horse from the wrong end” to me, sorry if I misunderstand.

What about opening an issue on the documentation github repo and pointing to the thread(s) that have the info to be included?

One possibility may be to add a very small information symbol and link to reference a Forum Topic in the Hugo Documentation.

These links could be programmatically checked for dead links and even stripped out of the documentation all together if the situation dictates.

This would allow people who feel uncomfortable “editing” Hugo Documentation to add reference to a solution they feel adds value or feels the documentation needs clarity.

As the information icons mount up, they could be summarized and added to the documentation by a Hugo expert for continuous improvement.

Certainly, this forum of Super Experts can come up with a good way to link the Hugo Documentation with the Forum Knowledge Base, and make it user friendly. :slightly_smiling_face: