Hugo Docs domain?

Each time I need to look up Hugo docs, I go to and then click on Docs, and that takes me to

I was wondering if you can create a domain alias like that redirects to the above link.

Browsers have a feature called … bookmarks… But I see your point. However, I see your point. @spf13 would have to do that.

I rely more on auto-completion nowadays… works great on Chrome Android or desktop.

I type discuss., and click.

I type GitHub., shows me my recently visited repos, and click.

I suggested redirecting just to begin with. It would be nice to have that as permanent, and have the current URLs as aliases in the frontmatter of the doc .md files.

Domains can’t redirect to URLs, only other domains. You can have a domain which is an alias for, but not for

If you created an alias for that was, then:

  • can point to, but…
  • will also point to

Anything else would require something like either server-side redirection (ironic for a website espousing the virtues of a static site generator!) or use of <meta http-equiv> and similar techniques.