Hugo Deploy - include/exclude filters

We’re investigating using Hugo Deploy for a large site. Currently, our static assets are split off and served from a separate bucket sitting behind Imgix.

This set up doesn’t seem to be currently supported using the existing deployment filters. The ability to apply include/exclude file pattern matcher per defined targets in hugo deploy would give much greater flexibility.

Having these filters would allow the deploy process to transmit built HTML to one target while sending images and other static assets to another similar to the include and exclude filters in AWS CLI:

For example:

# An arbitrary name for this target.
name = "live-html"
URL = "s3://<Bucket Name>?region=<AWS region>"
exclude = "*"
include = "*.html, *.xml, *.txt"

name = "live-statics"
URL = "s3://<Bucket Name>?region=<AWS region>"
include = "*"
exclude = "*.html, *.xml, *.txt"

I noticed a similar request in Github Issues here but no discourse posts so thought I would bring it up:

Thanks for your consideration!

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Just following this up to see if there is any interest or feedback