Hugo Casper-Two theme Home Page redirect Issue

I am trying to host my Blog on github with Hugo Casper-two theme and am able to host the same at github pages But the home page is pointing to the posts folder which requires an additional click to see posts.
Can we change this behavior…

Hugo theme is at Hugo Contents and the rendered website contents are at another repository

It would be great if someone could help…

Thanks in advance

I think the problem is the Casper-Two hasn’t been updated to work with Hugo 0.58 (and newer).

The problem is

which no longer works. It should use .Site.RegularPages instead of .Data.Pages.

I think you should open an issue for the theme developer on GitHub, or fork the theme, update it and send in a PR for consideration. The second option is probably best since it seems the theme’s developer is no longer active. Or see if any of the forks are in current development.

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@funkydan2 Thanks for the reply…
I am a beginner in hugo… So i will try to raise an issue to fix the same…

Thanks for your time…

If you’re a beginner with Hugo and your goal is to get a website up and running quickly, I recommend choosing a theme which has been updated in last month or so (or look at this list and don’t choose anything which is still in blue). There’s was a substantial change to Hugo in v 0.58.0, and many of the themes haven’t yet been updated to work with it.

But the site is working fine with the downgraded version hugo (v.0.57.2)
Can I continue to use the same untill author updates the theme…?
Will it cause any issues?

Things will work fine with the earlier version of Hugo. There are, in general, risks of running old software (e.g. unpatched security holes) but you’re probably pretty safe with Hugo 0.57.x. And working with these theme may give you an opportunity to learn about Hugo templates!

Cool… Thanks for your time…

This theme author has generally vanished from the internet. I tracked down all social media and any other online presence awhile back. Gone. Possibly dead, hard to say. But definitely not spending any time on the internet doing anything social, at least not in the English-speaking world.

I am also replying on Github.