Hugo and gitolite


Kinda new to all of this. First thanks for Hugo it looks/works great.

I have my repositories in markdown on my gitolite server and I would like to pull that from gitolite with Hugo so it will build a site from those markdown files.
And if thats possible, can Hugo real time update and display the changes that I make to the markdown documents on the gitolite server?

You can build your site from the markdown files you have, but search the docs on how the front matter is usually setup. If your md files have the needed frontmatter, maybe you can clone them into a hugo project so that everything is where it is expected.

Yeah In my user case its not possible to have Hugo and Gitolite on the same machine or cloning the Gitolite repositories to Hugo all the time. So there is no way that Hugo can pull this from the Gitolite server every so much time or real time?

Well, I have not tried it but what I can think of is, cloning the gitolite folder somewhere in your project, and use relref to pull a markdown file into another markdown file with frontmatter living under /content

Hugo is not going to magically fetch that markdown data, so I think you need to script and/or schedule something.

If you have your markdown in a repo somewhere, you still need Hugo to run on a computer and generate your site. “Real time” changes are done by updating the static files Hugo produces, most likely living on your web server.

Your question is very open ended, because we don’t know what you are trying to do.

There is, it is called CI/CD, and it requires a server to run when you make updates to your content repo. It is a very common way to update and produce Hugo sites. You can check the docs at Hosting & Deployment | Hugo, but you will need to read up on continuous deployment abroad. :slight_smile: