Hugo 0.54.0 works fine but 0.55.x will not run

Hi all!

I haven’t needed your help since setting up Hugo in September 2014 (then @ Hugo Discuss in Google Groups) so I’m new here.
But the other day, when I updated to 0.55.5 (from 0.54) I was stumped to encounter this error when trying to run the hugo server --buildDrafts command.

dyld: Symbol not found: _unlinkat
Referenced from: /usr/local/bin/hugo
Expected in: flat namespace
Trace/BPT trap: 5

I’m on macOS 10.9.5
hugo_0.54.0_macOS-64bit.tar.gz is still running fine.

Many days of trying to find an answer via Google did not yield anything helpful.
Could this be some compiler setting that (unintentionally) excludes my OS version?
FYI: I’m not compiling from source but using precompiled binaries.

I suspect it’s something with your env setup. See if this helps:

Thank you for your interest and quick reply.

My dev setup (or anything OS related) hasn’t changed for years,
I’m not using Homebrew but I download new Hugo binaries and replace the existing one in my /usr/local/bin/ And I’ve triple-checked: I’ve downloaded the correct one.
That has worked flawlessly for many years.
There is nothing whatsoever I can think of that may have caused the issue.

One of the new things in 0.55 was that it is compiled with the new Go 1.12:

libSystem is now used when making syscalls on Darwin, ensuring forward-compatibility with future versions of macOS and iOS.

Which is most likely the explanation. As it works for me and “most people”, I would guess that you have an older macOS installation?

Bep! I’m humbled & honoured to see you taking an interest.

And yes, my macOS 10.9.5 is quite old (the latest macOS is 10.14.5 at the time of writing).
Your diagnosis puts my mind at rest.

Time for me to do some OS updating, it appears. Until then I’ll be happy to run 0.54.0.

Thank you all for your help. Much appreciated.

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