Can't execute binary on MacOS Big Sur (Gatekeeper is blocking)

Dear all, I’ve a new MacBook with M1 architecture, my OS is Big Sur. I try to run hugo from binary as I did since years with my old computer (download 0.81.0, sudo cp hugo /usr/local/bin/, hugo help).

However, gatekeeper is blocking Hugo from beeing executed (s. screenshot). I’m uncertain on how to deal with this. Any advise, good practice?

Edit: I know how to override gatekeeper but I’m unsure if it is a good idea. That’s why I’m asking here.


From the terminal, run xattr -c hugo. I have to do this on an Intel-based Mac running Catalina as well, when I download a release directly from Github.


Isn’t the “normal” process to compare the file hash and then trust that specific binary? There should be a way to accept the downloaded binary into your system somehow?

Actually in the meantime I just disabled gatekeeper in the security settings for Hugo - so if it‘s malware my shiny new MacBook is lost :wink:

However, I agree the the hash thing should be the road to go. Unfortunately I’m not familiar with how to do it. Need to brush up my skills in this regard.

A distinction without a difference. You can either use the GUI to navigate to the folder you installed hugo in, right-click the binary, select open to pop up the dialog box that actually lets you choose to run it, and then watch it run uselessly in the wrong directory, or you can use a command-line tool to let you run a command-line tool.


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