Hugo 0.43 Released


The Copr has been updated !


Hugo support both PostCSS and LibSASS. They don’t overlap in functionality, so most people use LibSASS for the main part, then do autprefixing etc. on the result.


Not a big issue but I just downloaded the current from the releases page and when I run hugo version, I get:

Hugo Static Site Generator v0.44-DEV/extended windows/amd64 BuildDate: unknown

I assume that’s expected?

By the way, if this is even half as good as I’m expecting, I’ll be a happy man with this release. Nice work to all who contributed!


If it is the DEV verison, that is expected. I had to trigger a new build to fix the Windows binary. The version is a slight mistake, but I was too tired to do it again. There will be a new follow-up release in a few days.

The BuildDate: unknown is, I believe a known issue in Go when building with CGO. We will eventually look into that, too …


Gotcha, thanks bep.