Hugo 0.20.1 later today: Help test it if you can


I have merged those issues into master and will create a release branch and release a Hugo 0.20.1 later today.

This requires that you can build the master branch of Hugo. If not, just sit back and wait for the binary :slight_smile:

@kaushalmodi I have tested OK your test site (and many others), but it would be cool if you could confirm.

Oh, and please don’t actively look for other cosmetic issues, that way we’ll never get it out the door…

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It builds fine here:
$  ~/prj/go/bin/hugo version Hugo Static Site Generator v0.21-DEV linux/amd64 BuildDate: 2017-04-13T11:43:16+02:00

on my Fedora (f25) machine with:

go version go1.7.5 linux/amd64

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Tested on

Hugo Static Site Generator v0.21-DEV-0ED3BEEC linux/amd64 BuildDate: 2017-04-13T08:10:51-04:00

Worked great! Thanks for the fix.

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