Hugo 0.18 Released: Everything Now a Page, and Twice as Fast!

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So question for you @bep. Looking through the source organization section of the docs, what is the difference between creating an and an Working with this on a site I’m currently developing, it seems that renders the single.html layout but still is routed as the index page, so will look first to the section/sectionname.html layout first, correct? or is content and metadata for the single pages, of content and metadata for the “node” pages – aka the list pages (if you include the home page in that definition).

Just look at one of the use cases: Custom titles for taxonomies, sections etc.

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This is perhaps a moronic question, but does anyone know when 0.18 will be released on Homebrew? (or is it already and my brew out of whack?)

Brew (and some other update channels) are maintained by “someone else”, so I have no clue. Better to ask on the brew repo, maybe.

Thanks will do

@hafeez3000 created for the brew update

Thanks @michael_henderson! Your hugo brew guide was really helpful when I installed the last version :slightly_smiling:

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