Html in Front Matter

Hey Everyone!
I’m knew to Hugo and absolutely loving it so far. I am looking at using it for generating all our companies Email Marketing and so far so good. Something i’m stuck on atm is I have two variations of our footer which is defined using a page variable in my front matter “promo” or “transactional”. Which works fine but the problem now is that sometimes we have specific Terms and Conditions that are needed to be inserted.

I was able to do this by adding a ‘tcs’ page variable and having an if else statement in the footer partial. BUT i need to be able to put HTML in this variable, stuff like line breaks and more importantly href’s to more information and such.

Any ideas how to do this? Can i define HTML content of a partial in any other way?

Hope that all makes sense and thanks in advance!


Yes you can insert HTML in front matter.

See here

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Legend! New it would be simple. Thanks