Html img syntax stopped working in version 0.63


I am using html code to implement images: <img scr="abc.jpg">

Since the update to 0.63 this does not work anymore, the pictures are just not displayed. But no error notification.

In 0.58 that worked still perfectly well.

Can anyone help with this?

Thanks, all best,

Hugo switched to using Goldmark as its markdown processor. As part of its security model, directly included HTML tags are blocked and that is why your content is not generated.
To fix it in your config file place the following:

unsafe = true

My example is using TOML notation.
** Please do note that your direct HTML inputed tags will not be sanitized, but I guess you know what you are doing and what placing in the content.

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Thank you so much! That worked! :slight_smile:

Thanks this was very helpfull