Highlighting Doesn't Work

Markdown for highlight doesn’t work.
Example: ==very important words==

Nor does < mark >< /mark > for html.

I am using the PaperMod template. The example template works just fine with the < /mark> code.


You need to add this to your site config:

  unsafe = true

P.S.: Don’t be scared with “unsafe”. Embedded HTML is supported by CommonMark. Hugo by default removes all HTML embedded in Markdown.


Thank you for the quick response! I’m using .yaml so figured it out. Been killing my brain for days now lol.

For future reference I put it in the config.yaml file:

      unsafe: true

Wrap them in a code block like so:

  bar: zoo

TOML is wonderful; no fiddling with indentations :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Lol yea the template required yaml otherwise I would have learned and played with toml. Thanks again!

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