Is there a way that I can use instead of

Is there a setting somewhere where or a way that I can associate as a list page instead of using ? What about associating with for single pages?


No that is not possible.

Page Leaf bundles require an

A file called is of course an acceptable content file but it will not be a Page Leaf Bundle.

While that is true for the general/practical use case, have a look at this:


You just opened a can of worms IMHO. :upside_down_face:


It looks like that does work, does it work for nested? I could not get it to work for
nested but I think this may have something to do with already mounting on the post?
The does behave as a single page or a list page depending on the
module.mounts. Not sure if there’s a catch to it? Other than duplicating this for all
the folders, which is not a big deal:

source = "content/"
target = "content/"

source = "content/post/"
target = "content/post/"

source = "content/post/nested/"
target = "content/post/nested/"

source = "content/somefolder/"
target = "content/somefolder/"