How to specify a translation as literally the empty string?

I’m using a hack to put something in a url, because while there is plenty of material on how to provide links to other translations of the current page, I was unable to find anything builtin for localize this link to the language of the current page. E.g. {{ localizeLink ‘/contact’ }} would give me ‘/en/contact’ if the language is english, but ‘/contact’ if we are in the default language.

In the absence of such a function, I have added a translation to i18n/[lang].yaml and naturally the default language needs to specify the empty string for this url_infix variable. But, hugo seems to be not distinguishing between ‘the empty string was specified’ and ‘the translation is missing’ so it chooses the other language. How do you specify literally the empty string in a translation?

Have a look at ref: ref | Hugo
Or relref: relref | Hugo