How to share params among translations of same post?

I have a site with 4 languages.
I create a page bundle for each post, where I create an for each language.

How could I share some post params (like categories, featured-images etc)
so that I do not have to type the same 4 times?

Is it possible to put the only at default language or a common file?


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I see no answers at all.

Is this possible or do I have to ask it a wanted feature?

It’s not possible right now without help of an external script.

I am already doing something like what you want using Emacs and Org mode, but Hugo doesn’t natively support that.

Though, the good news are that this feature is already being discussed:

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You are right. I see that @bep has included if as 0.57 milestone!
Hope to see it soon implemented!

On the meantime could you elaborate on how to manage this with an external script?

I haven’t tried it, but check out Hugo metadata utility.