How to set a linktitle for pages?

I’m trying to set the linktitle on an page because its page title is too long to be reasonable in the menu. I’m using Docdock as the theme, and on “normal” pages, the site menu displays the value for linktitle when present. Otherwise it displays the value for title. On the page, however, the title displays even when the linktitle is set.

The Hugo docs make it seem like linktitle will be used for automatically-generated links whenever it’s set in the Front Matter.

I’m realizing I’m not clear on where Hugo ends and the theme begins with respect to behaviors like this, and I’m wondering if others might know:

  • Is it expected that an page would ignore the linktitle setting?
  • Is it Hugo that ignores it? Or the theme?
  • How might one achieve the goal of setting a linktitle for an page?

In this case, it may be the theme that is ignoring linktitle. The ranges in seem intentional, so you might consider asking the theme author about them. :slight_smile:

Thank you for the speedy reply. I appreciate confirmation that the theme is the place to be looking.

I’ve asked in docdock’s Github issues and am linking the issue for posterity’s sake in case it’s helpful to anyone else with this sort of question.