Changing page (not section!) sidebar in Hugo Apero theme

I am trying to add title / text in general to the sidebar of this page: Show your work! | GeorgeKan but I cannot get it to work. I set the title in the file in the folder but that did not work. Also made sure to remove the title configuration from the file in the folder above but again did not help. Why is the title from the sidebar not shown?
The theme I am using is Hugo Apero: GitHub - hugo-apero/hugo-apero: Apéro is a Hugo theme for personal websites. A Hugo theme you'll want to hang out with . This is the source for the theme files to install.
I am new to this but I have searched and tried different configurations to change this (unfortunately with nothing to show for it) Any help or hint would be great.

The page in question is rendered by:

which calls:

{{ partial "shared/sidebar-scaffold.html" . }}

which calls:

{{ partial "shared/sidebar/sidebar-header.html" $section }}

which contains:

<!--section level-->
{{ with .Params.sidebar }}
  {{ with .title }}<h1 class="f3">{{ . | markdownify }}</h1>{{ end }}
  {{ with .description }}<p class="f6 lh-copy measure">{{ . | markdownify }}</p>{{ end }}
  {{ with .author }}<p class="f7 measure lh-copy i mh0-l">Written by {{ . | markdownify }}</p>{{ end }}
{{ end }}

Notice that the context passed to sidebar-header is the current page’s section, not the current page itself.

That means that sidebar.title, sidebar.description and defined in content/books/show_your_work/ are never read (ignored).

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Thank you very much that is very helpful! (Ok I did not manage to go this far on my own :frowning: )
In order for me to change this configuration, would I need to add a page level configuration in the same file?

If it were me, I would reach out to the theme author for guidance.

However, if you want to experiment:

mkdir -p layouts/partials/shared/
cp themes/hugo-apero/layouts/partials/shared/sidebar-scaffold.html layouts/partials/shared/

and change layouts/partials/shared/sidebar-scaffold.html from:

{{ partial "shared/sidebar/sidebar-header.html" $section }}


{{ partial "shared/sidebar/sidebar-header.html" $page }}

But I don’t know what this would break…

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Well naturally I went and did your recommendation :slight_smile: For the time being nothing has broken and I managed to put the text I wanted in there. Thank you very much for the help!

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