How to select existing page as "home" page

Hello all, I am using hugo for really only the first/second time. I am wondering if there would be some way I could select an existing page as the “home” page/start page. That is I would like the root URL to go to a page determined by a setting of some sort. is the source for (with big thanks to Timer-Hugo theme). The organization CAPWIC has a conference each year. I’d like to set this year’s conference page (accessible at /conferences/2019/) to be the root for now. Some time after the conference (i.e. april 2019) I would change it so that the home page is something else (probably what it is currently)

I suggest you search the forums, we actually answered a version of this question recently.

The homepage template is what you want to modify. You can change it directly, or have it load another content piece. :slight_smile:

sorry i didn’t find it without your link. OP called it “redirect” i’ve thought of it as “setting” or “changing” the “home”/“start”/“front” page, so i’m afraid it’s also an ignorance in taxonomy… with anyluck your pointer will help others who think with the terms I’ve used to find the other post.