Help needed for changing default homepage/landing page of site

Hi, I would like to change the default homepage when you open my site to have /posts as homepage and remove the default homepage. Am I supposed to edit one of the *.html files in the theme config or change the baseURL? Im having trouble figuring it out.

The theme I’m using is FixIt, and this example is how I would like my site to look like when opened, source code: https[:]//github[.]com/AyangHuang/Ayang-Blog. As opposed to landing on the homepage like this by default, which I want to omit completely:, source code: https[:]//github[.]com/hugo-fixit/FixIt?tab=readme-ov-file.

Apologies for defanging the source code URLs, I needed to as this is a new account so can only put two links.

Even with the source code I can’t seem to figure out what allowed the site to be set like that. I’d appreciate some help, thank you!

Please ask your question here:

Hi, alright I will thanks.

I just figured that this might not be specific to the theme which is why someone here could help (like a method that works regardless of the theme).

There isn’t a method that works regardless of theme. You may find suggestions elsewhere on this forum, but they are hacks that cause more problems than they solve.

The right way to handle this is to modify the home page template, and the theme author is the best person to provide this guidance.