How to render UML flow chart as in StackEditor Default Page

I want to render some block diagrams in Markdown text as shown in, and then I put required js files, like raphael.js, flowchart.cs, but could not get the right flow chart rendered in goHugo.

st=>start: Start
op=>operation: My Operation
cond=>condition: Yes or No?


It will be only rendered as fenced code that does not have highlighting, but not flow chart.

Have someone also tried this feature before?

Hey, did you find out how to do it yet? I run into the same situation.

For now, I use diagrams to generate the flowchart as svg file, and then insert in my post.

Also, for the general use case to use other UML text like formats, you should follow the source in the above and follow his example. Or ask @vjeantet who wrote it.