How remove tags from taxonomy

I am looking to remove tags from taxonomy (but not categories).

If I use disableKinds = [“taxonomy”,“taxonomyTerm”], then I get no taxonomy at all (obviously). Is there a way to do something like disableKinds = “tags”?


Add this to your config:

category = "categories"
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That did the trick! Thanks

Wow this worked, but I really would like to understand why.

I expected something like disableKinds=["tags"] or have taxonomy disabled to do the same job.

This is quite obscure and documented only here.

It’s here:

The devil is in the details. I think that specifically in this section, we should provide this particular example, on how to disable only one of the two default taxonomies: tags andcategories.

At the moment, that section only mention what the default taxonomies are, and how to disable them altogether.

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The linked section doesn’t say you should have

category = "categories"

to disable categories. That’s why I stated that it’s obscure.

I know you meant that above actually disables tags, but stating here for someone else reading this :smiley: