How to redirect section to homepage

Let’s say your site URL is and you have a section called fruit, so


If you visit you get an empty page.

Does Hugo provide a way to redirect a section to the homepage, so that ->

I essentially don’t want the blank section page to be shown if possible by redirecting to the homepage.

Hello @mrsmith,

you could create a custom list.html template. If you only want to redirect from you have to place the template at layouts/fruit/list.html. This template is only used for the content type fruit.

If you prefer to redirect users in all content types you have to place the list template under layouts/_default/list.html.

HTML allows you to redirect users with a meta tag. Place this tag in the head of the list template and the redirection should work.

Hi @digitalcraftsman,

I was able to make the redirect work, but only when I created layouts/_default/list.html.
When I put the list.html in layouts/fruit/list.html the resulting index.html in fruit/index.html is blank.

Any ideas why this doesn’t work for the fruit content type specifically?

Weird that it doesn’t work. You used the same list.html template in layouts/fruit/ that has worked in the layouts/_default/ folder, right?

Could you post a directory tree of your layouts folder?

For the layouts/fruits template folder to work, you have to specify that you want to use this template folder. In your front matter, in YAML:

type: fruit
layout: list

The type variable will make it so hugo will first look into the layouts/type folder. And it will pick the layout.html file. (here, it’ll try to pick layouts/fruit/list.html, and if it doesn’t find it, it will use layouts/_default/list.html).

Normally, you can just use the section name (the folder your content file is in), or I believe you can specify the section in the front matter - but I prefer to use type everywhere.

Good luck!

Yes same list.html just moved it from layouts/_default to layouts/fruit

├── fruit
│   ├── list.html
│   └── single.html
├── index.html
├── partials
│   ├── footer.html
│   ├── header.html
│   └── topbar.html

After browsing the docs I found a solution that I tested locally. Create a new folder section at layouts/. Now add an HTML file with the name of the content type, in our case fruit.html.

Now you should be able to redirect to specific sections.

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Hi everyone,
What if you have want to do it the other way around? I.e. redirecting from to

That’s what I intended with the section template. The redirect url would be {{ .Site.BaseURL }} that points to

Sorry @digitalcraftsman, i meant from to I.e. a visitor types in the address bar and ends up at

If I understand what you’re asking, I think this could be solved in a much easier way without using meta refresh and quasi-redirects, @mrsmith. Keep your template the same at layouts/fruit/single.html and then do the following in your config.toml:

  fruits = "/:title/"
# content/fruit/ =>

Sorry for my late reply. This absolutely works for redirecting specific sections. Thank you.

@rdwatters this doesn’t work for me.

Also to clarify I was looking to redirect from => not =>

@mrsmith Ah, got it. So basically you just wanted a list page for the fruit content type at Here is the cascade (as taken from the docs):


Sorry for the confusion, but maybe the permalinks is a handy thing to know in the future. Cheers.

Sure thing :wink: