How to redirect homepage to other page

Hi all, I want to redirect homepage to other page, e.g. /about/.

I did not figure out how to do with {{<ref "“>}}

Or, how to display content written in markdown text on homepage?



OMG, I kept searching and found the answer here

    {{ range where .Data.Pages "Title" "About" }}
        {{ .Content }}
    {{ end }}

where “About” is the title of, and it’s case sensitive!

Thanks you all!

Hi, @shenwei356. I’m glad you found your solution. Just to clarify when you say “redirect,” what is it that you want to happen for your users?

  1. They go to and actually load
  2. You want the content in your to load into your homepage (ie, with nothing else on the homepage but that content)?
  3. You want the content in your to be only part of what loads in your homepage?

Nevertheless, you figured it out, but I just want to make sure I can’t figure out an easier/alternative way to get you where you want to be.

Thank you @rdwatters . I built a site for a project. So I needed a homepage with some static content instead of list of posts.

Therefore I though of two ways.

  1. Redirect the to
  2. Load content of in homepage. ( 2rd case you mentioned)