How to Range 2 Different (front matter) Params in the same time


Let say I have to different params in my front matter which I will implement on every single page that have FAQ menu (the FAQ could be different in every page so I create this params)

   - A
   - B
   - C
   - D
   - 1
   - 2
   - 3
   - 4

How can I range both of params in the same time with output like below


as a temporary workaround I’m using nested like this

  - ask: A
    answer: 1
{{ range $faq := .Params.faq }}

as simple as that and work like a charm, but since the plan is using Forestry this workaround can be hard to implement (as far as I know)

Sorry if the title and this question is confusing

any idea?

Thank You

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You could try range over one array and then use the index to access the other array, maybe something like this:

{{ $arr1 := (slice "1" "2" "3" "4") }}
{{ $arr2 := (slice "A" "B" "C" "D") }}

{{ range $i, $e := $arr1 }}
{{ index $arr2 $i }}{{ $e }}
{{ end }}

should give you something like A1 B2 C3 D4.

Thanks, I tried this

{{ $arr1 := (slice .Params.ask) }}
{{ $arr2 := (slice .Params.answer) }}
{{ range $i, $e := $arr1 }}
<li>{{ index $arr2 $i }}{{ $e }}<li>
{{ end }}

the output is empty nothing get index, did I missed something?


sorry, you don’t have to use slice here, I used it to initialise the values for arrays $arr1 and $arr2.

Basically replace $arr1 and $arr2 with whatever your arrays are.

{{ $arr1 := .Params.ask }}
{{ $arr2 := .Params.answer }}
{{ range $i, $e := $arr1 }}
<li>{{ index $arr2 $i }}{{ $e }}<li>
{{ end }}

or even

{{ range $i, $e := .Params.ask }}
<li>{{ index .Params.answer $i }}{{ $e }}<li>
{{ end }}

if that works

both of them have empty output, may I know what is $i and $e mean?

I use $i and $e as shorthand for $index and $element as used in the example I linked above.

I tried to replicate the scenario you described and created a page with the frontmatter as you have in your original post. In single.html I have the following:

{{ if isset .Params "ask" }}
  {{ $arr1 := .Params.ask }}
  {{ $arr2 := .Params.answer }}
  {{ range $i, $e := $arr1 }}
    {{ index $arr2 $i }}{{ $e }}
  {{ end }}
{{ end }}

and that renders 1A 2B 3C 4D for me. You may have to share your repo in case it’s something else that is not working.

thanks for pinting me about $i and $e

You are correct I tried those code in different content section and it works, but the strange thing is why it doesn’t work in in my project section

I suspect there’s some bad code of mine in my single project template or else in my front matter

Will get back after I find out the problem thank you